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  1. Solutions to Sell an Unsellable Home

    The real estate market has started to steadily recover, but buyers are still showing a bit of caution. It isn’t impossible to sell your home…

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  2. How You Know it’s Time to Give Your Real Estate Agent the Boot

    A realtor can be the best or worst factor when you are trying to sell your home – a poor real estate agent can make…

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  3. Do’s and DON’Ts of Falling Behind on Your Mortgage

    Our economy is improving day by day, but the after-effects of 2008’s mortgage bubble are still being felt by many people. Every day people face…

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  4. What to Do When You Are Struggling to Pay the Mortgage: Utah Homeowners

    Falling behind on your mortgage is a scary proposition — and if you live in Utah, the rapid, court free foreclosure process may make it…

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  5. Inherited House with My Siblings, What Are My Options?

    Inherited a House? Inheriting a home with your siblings may seem like a great way to make some cash, but there are generally a high…

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    Thank You for Contacting Salt Lake Homes for Cash! One of our home buying experts will give you a call to discuss what we can…

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