Solutions to Sell an Unsellable Home

The real estate market has started to steadily recover, but buyers are still showing a bit of caution. It isn’t impossible to sell your home quickly, but it takes a bit of education and effort. You need to go the extra mile.

If you’re wondering why your home isn’t selling, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most common reasons a home stays on the market:

You Might Be the Problem (It’s Tough to Hear, We Know)

It’s hard to swallow, but you could be holding your home’s sale back. One common mistake is sticking around during real estate showings. Let your real estate agent take care of it alone. Buyers will feel uncomfortable discussing your home if you’re there, and might have a hard time imagining themselves living there.

You could also be restricting viewing hours too much. To accommodate all potential buyers, you need flexibility. Make sure your realtor knows your home is free for walk-throughs whenever it is convenient. It’s worth stepping out for an hour or two to help sell your home quickly.

Lastly, you might be asking for too much. You might have one price in mind, but the market is what really matters. Take a look at comparable homes if your neighborhood. If you’re the nicest home on the block, you probably won’t get the same price you would in a neighborhood full of nicer homes.

Your Offbeat Home

Of course, the most obvious reasons your home isn’t selling quickly is the home itself. Here are some common problems with homes for sales:

  • Out of repair or outdated. People want a home they can move right into. It’s worth paying out of pocket for repairs and modernization, and then adding some of the costs into your asking price.
  • Only one bathroom. Estimates show a second bathroom is worth over $20,000 onaverage! If you only have a single bathroom, consider lowering your price.
  • No air conditioning. Summers in Utah get really hot, and it’s expensive to run single-room units. Central units are convenient and cost-effective, and people look for that.
  • Location, location, location. You can’t control your location, but it can play a significant factor in its value. If you’re in a bad neighborhood, near something undesirable like a train track or highway, or too far from everything, your price suffers.
  • Curb appeal and cleanliness. If your home isn’t attractive at first glance, it’s not going to garner much attention. Mow your lawn, wash the siding and make sure to dust and vacuum.

Using a Lazy Real Estate Agent

The final factor that decides how quickly your home is sold is your real estate agent. If they’re treating potential buyers poorly, not running effective open houses, or failing to properly highlight your home’s features it could be time to move on.

For more on how to tell when you’re dealing with a poor real estate agent, check out our previous post here.

We Buy Homes in Utah

If you’re having an especially difficult time selling your home, we’re happy to help! We specialize in buying un-buyable homes and selling the unsellable ones. We don’t care about the neighborhood, needed repairs, or even the looks. We’ll make a fair cash offer for any home you have!

If you’re interested in receiving a cash offer today, give Salt Lake Homes for Cash a call at 866-381-9914 or click here to complete our form!

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Jamie Pelham

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